Photo © Melanie Scheuber

Rea Dubach was born 1992 in Biel. Her first nine years of her life she passed time in the hills and woods of the bernese Seeland and began to dance ballet in the age of six. Her passion layed in dancing and the small, tiny things round her family home and in the forest. That’s why she was often found in the snowbound garden, wearing a beanie and gloves while wiping away the snow on leaves and flowers. On the question, what she’s doing here in the cold, she answered short and  strait in a very self-evident tone, that the flowers are getting cold under the snow.

When she was 12 years old, her plans about a dance career were defeated wherefore she had to quit with dancing. Through those circumstances she got in touch with music, cause although her father is a guitar player and ever since she can remember there was music in her life, up until now she turned her attention to the dance. With the time she began with vocal and piano lessons and got addicted very fast to the sounds of the voice and her daily routines. By accident she found a guitar in the forest and  began to play it autodidactically. Shortly afterwards she got in temporary property of a violin and had a try at this gorgeous instrument too. Her first stage experiences she gained as a lead singer in a blues/rock band, although nordic folk music as well as experimental musical fields such as New Music, free Improvisation and sound research fascinated her the most.

At the gymnasium Hofwil she started, during the talent support in music, her studies in jazz vocals at the HKB Berne. After three years of this double schooling her musical urge began to get more important wherefore she decided to quit the gymnasium.
She graduated at the HKB Berne the bachelor in vocals and the master in composition and arranging and took lessons with Andreas Schaerer, Lauren Newton, Efrat Alony, Django Bates, Frank Sikora, Martin Streule and Dieter Ammann.

During her studies Rea got more and more in touch with electronics, sampling and sound coloration and began to experiment with several effects and her voice. Thus during the time she build up her own set up and a very delicate world of sound which breaths and oscillates between acoustic and electronic fields. She focused herself evermore on continuity of sound and the intimacy of her artistical work.

Since then she plays as a singer, mostly with effects and small instruments on stage, regularly with several projects and bands. First of all with her trio Síd which she founded in 2010 and with which she’s touring actively in Switzerland and abroad.

Besides she’s playing with bands such as Aberratio Ictus, ∄ [doesnotexist], Tellurian, Murmur as well as with her solo project Das Reum. In collaboration with Das Reum she’s regularly sharing the stage with Dr. Mo. Rea played several times at the curation evening of Julian Sartorius (Joyful Noise in the Dark) at the Dampfzentrale Bern, was part as a singer, pianist and performer of the multimedia music production Angelus Novus II of Helmuth Oering and she played with Joyful Noise (Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Julian Sartorius etc) together. Furthermore she was involved as a live musician/performer and composer/producer in different dance, theater or film productions such as Angeklagt, Mamas Body is a Mountain, Calamari Union, Counting Out as well as  in the SRF movie production Das Mädchen vom Änziloch (Alice Schmidt, 2016).

In spring 2014 she was nominated with Síd for the jazz prize of Zürcher Kantonalbank in the Moods in Zürich and won with Síd the first prize of the International Jazz prize Biberach in Germany.
In may 2016 Rea won with her Band Tellurian the Transnational supporting Prize of the jazzclub BeJazz in Berne.

Her concerts and tours led her in countries such as Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Iceland and Switzerland and she worked and performed together with Julian Sartorius, Ronny Graupe, Shahzad Ismaily, Andreas Schaerer, Skúli Sverrisson, Hans Koch, Gyða Valtysdóttir, Martin Schütz, etc.