Das Reum

Photo © Melanie Scheuber

Das Reum, a molecular in the wild. Crammed full of loud and quiet noisemaker, voice and effects, busted and completed instruments, it begins to search for – yeah, for what?

Das Reum is a search for sounds, a snapshot in time of experiments and research. It is a molecular, a wild one, not yet explored. One of the particles, which is looking for kindred spirit. Das Reum buzzes like a highly charged magnet through the labyrinths and forests of acoustic sound waves and frequenzes, slashes itself a way through the undergrowth just to submerge again into the next, new sylvan space.
On its way, this polyatomic particle finds other nuclears, links together and splits again and feels in an eternal diffusion with its environment.
What eventuates and how it will sound you’ll never can foreknow.

Rea Dubach – vocals, toys, effect