„Everything blurs with the background, forms an expanse without structure or definition of the space. A lack, an absence of three-dimensionality. Sometimes the reality sidles off, leaves her alone with herself on this huge expanse. In quest of this three-dimensionality in the picture. 

Dependence compared with connection, compared with independence.“

Photo © Melanie Scheuber / Graphic © Rea Dubach

Tellurian originate from the latin word tellus „earth“ and indicates a machine of planets which
showcases the movements of the earth and moon in relation to the sun. It is an approach to visualize the evolution of the seasons, the phases of the moon as well as the lunar eclipses and to understand their mutual interference through particular movements and positions. Everything is language and communication, so moon and sun are communicating as well, are influencing their environment and the earth.
Music is a language, a way of expression which communicates in closest symbiosis with emotions, numbers and colours.

With Tellurian, Rea Dubach tries to connect her earliest cognitive connections between intuitive
relations of number, sound and word as well as musical regularities and listening habits.
She places special emphasis on the lyrics and language as much as on the musical character of each participating musician. Oriented itself on nine-pieced lyrics, Tellurian oscillates between free fall and firm ground, through numbers, letters and colours held together and controlled. A linguistic mixture of english and a self-created language, tungasmå, contributes to this very intimate and distinctive world of sound.

Rea Dubach (voc, FX, comp)
Sebastian Strinning (ts, bcl)
Nico van Wersch (git, FX)
Shahzad Ismaily (b, banjo, moog, voc, FX)
Lukas Rutzen (dr)