REA – CIRCUITRY_____Blaublau Records & Dampfzentrale Bern, March 2021____bandcamp
REA – O___phásis I-III____Blaublau Records, March 2021_____Bandcamp
Omni Selassi – Cashew Carry_____A Tree In A Field Records, October 2020_____Bandcamp
Roger F. & the Structure – Download this album for free ____August 2020____vocals on ‘2016 Baby’____Roger F.
REA To last Existence____Blaublau Records, February 2020_____Bandcamp
REA – GÓI____Blaublau Records, November 2019____Bandcamp
Omni Selassi – Sylvester Stylonce_____A Tree In A Field Records, October 2019_____Bandcamp
Luca di Maio – Piccole Armi/Grandi Imprese____february 2019______Sounddesign on ‘Sant’Eurosia degli Alberi’
Ceramic Dog – YRU Still Here?_____Yellow Bird Records, 2018____Shoutings on Track 2, 6 & 8
Tacet Tacet Tacet – Perpetual_____Eclectic Polpo November 2017_____vocal samples on ‘Perpetual’_____buy
Síd – Völuspá_____Prolog Records, April 2017____Bandcamp
Nicolas Engel – Sound and Coffee____Metonicrecords, April 2017
Helmut Oehring – Angelus Novus II_____Neos, March 2017
Kyani____Blaublau Records, 2015____Backings on “Soil”, Track 3

Aberratio Ictus – Ictus Irritus_____WhyPlayJazz, 2015
Síd – Hyvän Illan____Unit Records, 2013______Buy