Das Mädchen vom Änziloch____film by  Alice Schmid_____a Ciné A.S. film production_____composition and production in collaboration with  Thomas Jeker_____More Info

Casa Son Duno____film by Vanessa Rüegger_____an Instantview production_____Fieldrecordings taken by REA at the Set_____production/composition/mix at Studio SUZE by REA_____More Info

Empreintes_____von Jasmin Gordon_____Switzerland, 2018, 16 mins 4 sec____an Octuor Films production____production/composition/mix by REA_____More Infos


Mama’s Body is a Mountain____performance/concept/production by Natascha Moschini_____in collaboration with Salome Egger and Chris Leuenberger_____composition/live performance by REA_____More Info

Angeklagt____after the same-titled book of  Mariella Mehr_____staged by Gisela Nyfeler______a Lux&Ludus production____composition/live performance by REA____More Info

Counting Out_____after same-titled book of Tamta Melaschwili____staged by Charlotte Huldi_____a théâtre de la grenouille production____composition/Sounddesign Production by REA_____More Info